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Everything under development

Not only permaculture systems are ‹thankfully !!› DEVELOPING – the earth has been developing for 4.6 billion years, the plants, the animals, the climate, our life, everything is growing.
Everything that is “natural” is able to DEVELOP !!

Aside from the ‹fixed› systems that we live in, these were designed so that they allow no room for DEVELOPMENT.

This means that the company down to earth is also under DEVELOPMENT, just as I as the director of this company am DEVELOPING.

I have been working on my own projects as a permaculture designer and advisor since 2002. I established a permaculture academy in 2014 that has already DEVELOPED very well. This autumn, I am adding another wonderful project that is very important for the Earth:

The establishment of the down to earth FOUNDATION, which will support and promote permaculture projects around the world with material and intangible resources. 


We humans are also DEVELOPING – and it has been a great pleasure for me to have met many people over the years who want to live with a greater and deeper CONNECTION – a CONNECTION with everything.

People who are not content to simply dip a toe into the water, but who are ready to jump in with both feet to make a change – and to do something sensible for the Earth.

When the topic of self – sufficiency comes up in my permaculture design courses, I start the unit with a group assignment on the topic of what it really means to supply oneself, and above all with what.
I have been pleased to see that the results are not only to retreat to a valley, to cut oneself off from everything, and to supply oneself with food and energy entirely without outside help. (Which is not a bad thing, we have planning techniques for just that in permaculture.)

Today, people want to be supplied with and surrounded by love, unity, safety, and friendship – which I feel is a great ACHIEVEMENT of humanity !!

down to earth


What I strive to do is to impart techniques for cultivating our Earth in a harmonious way, for living on it in a sustainable manner, for repairing the ecosystem, for storing water, for building according to the principles of permaculture, for working with natural resources, and for planning and building gardens according to the principles of permaculture.

And a focus has long been fostering healthy and respectful interaction in the courses and workshops, building trust, and eliminating the separation between teachers and students. Because everyone is a student, and everyone is a teacher.

In this way, the courses – be they permaculture design courses, diploma courses, or workshops – become a celebration of pure joy and connection in our shared goal of taking care of the Earth.